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Weatherization and Intergovernmental Programs Support
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And are Thrilled to be Part of
We’re Headed Back to Europe!
May 21-22 EE Global will convene in Copenhagen, Denmark along with CEM 9 – read about our 2018 partners and how they are putting the “global” in EE Global!
Learn more about us
Nordic Clean Energy Week
Energy Efficiency:
EE Global 2018 Theme
Explore these topics through innovative session formats featuring EE’s foremost thought leaders.
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Innovation, Investment, Impact
Invitation Only Forum
The World’s Premier
Join 400+ Industry Leaders in Copenhagen May 21-22 for 1.5 days of actionable dialogue and unrivaled networking.
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Dedicated to Energy Efficiency
Two EE Visionaries
Copenhagen: Home to
EE Global honored Demark in 2014 for energy efficiency leadership, followed by UN City in 2016 – now see their accomplishments first-hand in 2018!
Check out our 2018 venues

Michael Cesarz

Etihad Energy Services
European Alliance to Save Energy
European Commission
Solar Impulse Foundation

EE Global is a by invitation-only event. If you already received a complimentary invitation, please register online using the code provided in your invitation. Please note that all complimentary registrants will be charged a processing fee of $25. If you are a NGO or government employee and have yet to receive an invitation, we encourage you to apply. For-profit entities who’ve not received an invitation are able to purchase tickets.

If you believe you’re a good fit

Apply for an invitation

If you’re a for-profit organization

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Check out the latest news!

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Morning Plenary: Across the World, a Need for Policy to Help Drive Efficiency...

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Opening Plenary Recap: The "Leaking Bathtub" and the Biggest Market in the World The...

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May 14, 2018

The Energy Efficiency Global Forum (EE Global) mobile app is now available! Attendees...

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