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For example, to annotate each post with the email address of the author of the newest comment on that post:

On PostgreSQL, the SQL looks like:


The examples in this section are designed to show how to force Django to execute a subquery. In some cases it may be possible to write an equivalent queryset that performs the same task more clearly or efficiently.

New in Django 1.11.

Use OuterRef when a queryset in a Subquery needs to refer to a field from the outer query. It acts like an F expression except that the check to see if it refers to a valid field isn’t made until the outer queryset is resolved.

Instances of OuterRef may be used in conjunction with nested instances of Subquery to refer to a containing queryset that isn’t the immediate parent. For example, this queryset would need to be within a nested pair of Subquery instances to resolve correctly:

There are times when a single column must be returned from a Subquery , for instance, to use a Subquery as the target of an __in lookup. To return all comments for posts published within the last day:

In this case, the subquery must use Q2baby Promotional Items China Children Wear Latest Designs Photos Girl Daily Wear Dress 2018 New Footaction Cheap Online Cheap Sale Cost 2018 Newest Online qC71Uf
to return only a single column: the primary key of the post.

To prevent a subquery from returning multiple rows, a slice ( [:1] ) of the queryset is used:

In this case, the subquery must only return a single column and a single row: the email address of the most recently created comment.

(Using Seasons women shoes joker breathable shoes 2018 factory price Free Shipping 2018 New 1fwT4fJAQa
instead of a slice would fail because the OuterRef cannot be resolved until the queryset is used within a Subquery .)

New in Django 1.11.

Exists is a Subquery subclass that uses an SQL EXISTS statement. In many cases it will perform better than a subquery since the database is able to stop evaluation of the subquery when a first matching row is found.

For example, to annotate each post with whether or not it has a comment from within the last day:

It’s unnecessary to force Exists to refer to a single column, since the columns are discarded and a boolean result is returned. Similarly, since ordering is unimportant within an SQL EXISTS subquery and would only degrade performance, it’s automatically removed.

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1 mass noun The feeling of wanting to know or learn about something or someone.

in singular
attentiveness , undivided attention, absorption, engrossment, heed, regard, notice, scrutiny
attraction , appeal, fascination, charm, beauty, allure, allurement, temptation, tantalization
hobby , pastime, leisure activity, leisure pursuit, recreation, entertainment, diversion, amusement, relaxation

2 mass noun Money paid regularly at a particular rate for the use of money lent, or for delaying the repayment of a debt.

as modifier
dividends , profits, returns

3 The advantage or benefit of a person or group.

of benefit to , to the advantage of, for the sake of, for the benefit of
concern , business, business matter, matter, care

4 A stake or involvement in an undertaking, especially a financial one.

stake , share, portion, claim, investment, stock, equity
involvement , partiality, partisanship, preference, loyalty

5 usually interests A group or organization having a common concern, especially in politics or business.


1 Excite the curiosity or attention of (someone)

be of interest to , appeal to, attract, be attractive to, intrigue, fascinate
arouse someone's interest in , persuade to buy, sell
interest someone in


at interest

(of money borrowed) on the condition that interest is payable.

declare an (or one's) interest

Make known one's financial interests in an undertaking before it is discussed.

in the interests (or interest) of something

For the benefit of.

of interest


with interest

1 With interest charged or paid.

of trauma was not directly associated with infant disorganization, however.
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The study found that there are higher incidence rates for all three severities of injury in the chemical industry compared to manufacturing as a whole.
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The time taken to resolve problems will depend on their and complexity.
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However, women at all gestations and across the range of severities displayed a wide range of scores on measures of mood.
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Most studies (n = 51, 86.4%) failed to consider potentially confounding variables in their designs such as open patient selection, of illness or non-blind measurement.
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All three categories embraced, however, various severities of disability and therefore only approximated the individual's functional health and capacity.
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There is great international variability in patient mix and of illness.
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Therefore, we controlled for of illness using type and intensity of drug therapy, the number of comorbidities, glycemic level, and health service use.
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Validated symptom assessment tools may assist the clinician to gain consistent insight into the patient's perception of a symptom (eg, its , etc).
From Cambridge English Corpus
The process of patient education and reassurance helps to demystify tinnitus and can facilitate a reduction in the of this symptom.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Probably it will require more categories of patients, coupled with some form of ratings.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Mothers with decreasing depression reported a decrease in depressive symptom from a high to a moderate level over the course of the study period.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Mothers indicated the of psychological symptoms during the foregoing month on a 5-point scale.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Thus, these findings may not generalize to older samples or to children who differ in the or frequency of their victimization experiences.
From Cambridge English Corpus
Hospitalization for asthma, a potentially avoidable outcome, is an important population-level marker of asthma .
From Cambridge English Corpus

Translations of “severity”

嚴重的, 嚴重, 不和善的…

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